11 Signs That Tell You Are a Shaman

It was very late in the night when I happened to drink something that I thought was crushed herbs.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a song began to play in my head as I began to feel like I was being drawn in. The song was one that spoke to the sorrows in my heart. As I began to sing along, I realized that this was the work of the herbs I drank earlier. Even though I wanted to stop, it was too late and I had already faded from reality at that point.

It’s like I was in a boat riding the river of my subconscious and that song was my paddle. It was down to me to get around the sharp rocks and control the flowing current, by asking the spirits for guidance to make the song more divine. The journey I speak of is the one I took on the way to my Shamanism initiation.

What Is a Shaman?

In simple terms, it is a group of techniques that were in ancient times to heal mental wounds, in addition to awakening and expanding a person’s consciousness. It happens to be one of the earliest forms of religion known to our forefathers. The practice has a wide range of techniques including dancing, chanting, consuming mind-blowing plants and other things that will leave you amazed.

Instead of focusing on finding the answers like most religions, Shamanism is more concerned about asking the right questions that will guide you to the truth. A Shaman creates meaning by bringing elements of a sacred nature into a humdrum reality.

The word “Shaman” was of Siberian origin to the word “samarambi” which means to excite oneself and the word “sam-dambi” which means to dance. Therefore it is seen here that the Shaman is one who excites himself through dance, until he gets to a trance-like state where his spirit is separated from his body.

11 Observations of a Shamanic Calling

Most Shamans in today’s day and age won’t be able to recognize their calling because they were not guided by an elder Shaman in past times. This will cause to feel confused and possibly frightened. So on that note, let us look at some of the common signs to expect.


  1. Your dreams are vivid – It is said that a few Shamans are blessed from birth with the ability to go between dimensions, return with messages and see future occurrences.


  1. Physical traits that highlight your differences – History has revealed that many Shamans of the past were born with distinguishing features that set them apart such as extra fingers or toes. Others are born with a thin membrane over their head and this is said to be an indication that they had a deep relationship with the spirit world.


  1. Healing energy being felt in your hands – Shamans are the rulers of living energy in some sense of the word and they can manipulate the energy in and around them. This feeling of energy is usually mistaken for just good circulation in the hands. They will always feel warm to the touch hot or they can get very hot. This is just healing energy coursing through your veins.


  1. A strong link with nature – Shamans acknowledge that everything in the world is connected in one way or another and nature best displays this link. Being one with nature will only serve to create a relationship in which nature and the individual are both benefiting.


  1. A need to always help others – In the final result, Shamanism can be seen as a means of self- correcting and maintaining relationships with others with the wider world in every aspect. So when something is out of balance – whether it be pain or suffering, a Shaman will always feel the need to restore the balance by resolving the issue.


  1. You can see through others – It’s a natural feature of a Shaman for them to look into the soul and determine what is weighing you down in the form of stress, illnesses, etc. They are not easily deceived – if ever.


  1. Unable to fit in and enjoys being alone – They were always seen as eccentric or weird by the wider society, and this caused them to keep to themselves. They are usually located on the edges of towns. The world is somewhat oblivious of the link between the physical and spiritual world signified by the Shaman, so they would never fit into society.


  1. You see things others can’t – At a very early stage in their respective lives, Shamans develop a mind that is so fluid that it allows them to access various realms. This is why they were written off by modern medicine as mentally ill.


  1. Healers and herbalists run in your family – It is believed that the culture of a Shaman is one that has been passed on through generations. As expected, in the world today, it would be difficult to find out if any of our ancestors were actual healers or herbalists. This is one gift that many nowadays Shamans misunderstand in the beginning of their journey.


  1. Spirit animals visit you – Hybrids and regular animals have a major part to play in the journey to becoming a Shaman. This is because they are guides to help us get back on track if we should get lost on the way.


  1. You’ve had out-of-body or near death experiences – Having experiences of a similar nature is necessary to become a Shaman. This death and rebirth experience will allow them to fully open their minds in an attempt to attain a new level of wisdom.

Source: https://edithboyertelmer.wordpress.com