6 Clear Warning Signs Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins & Making You Fat

Do you know what is the function of the liver?

It transforms toxins into waste, then the body removes through urine and feces. This is very important function, since our way of life is full of toxins. Unfortunately, as people are getting older, the liver can become sluggish and overwhelmed. By this, it’s difficult to get rid of toxins properly, which result with storing them in fat cells, usually in the belly area.

What is fatty liver disease?

The excess of fat in the liver can cause a fatty liver disease. It is considered as fatty organ, thus there must be some fat at all the times. However, when the percentage of fat in the liver is between 5-10% of the total weight of the liver it can cause problems and disease results.

There are two types of fatty liver disease. First one is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and second is alcoholic liver disease. The alcoholic liver disease is result of over drinking alcohol, while the non-alcoholic is usually result of high cholesterol or genetics factor.


How to recognize that your liver is in a need of detoxification?

Unexplained weight gain

When your liver doesn’t remove toxins in right manner, the normal workout and calories burn won’t help since the body stores the toxins in its fat cells. Being said, the responsibility of the liver is metabolizing fat and when it doesn’t function properly, the fat will circulate from the gut through the bile and back to the organ.


Your healthy liver creates antibodies which will help the battle against allergens. However, when it doesn’t function properly the body stores the allergens. The brain produce histamine, which is a chemical that marks the allergens for removal. The decrease of this chemical leads to different allergy symptoms like itchiness, headaches and fogginess.

Chronic tiredness

The toxins break metabolism of muscle nerves, which continues in ache and physical fatigue. As the time goes by, the tiredness will turn into anxiety, depression and angry outbursts.

Excessive sweating

The liver can get overworked, then the functioning can reduce and it becomes hot. It is a big organ, so it transfers all the heat to the rest of the body and tries to cool itself through excessive sweating.

Acne that won’t go away

Another thing which relates to the toxins in the liver is the hormonal imbalance which in turn cause acne. The acne won’t remove up until the liver’s functioning is improved.

Bad breath

If you are taking care of your oral health and hygiene but you still have problems with bad breath, you might have issues with your liver.

Ways to get rid of fatty liver disease?

The fatty liver disease can be eased with a proper diet. Following are two recipes which #1 are delicious and #2 nutritious ways to reverse the effects of a fatty liver. Foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, dandelion root, ginger root can be very helpful.

This smoothie with bananas, ginger and dandelion root can fight the effects of the disease:

  • Chop one banana and blend with one cup of Greek yogurt
  • Crush ginger root
  • Add two tablespoons peanut butter
  • Add one teaspoon of dandelion root
  • Blend and serve immediately

Use this into your diet one-to-two times a day.

Source: http://www.greatquotes4u.com