6 Common Food Combinations That Are Actually Terrible For Your Health

It is surprising that several combinations of food should be avoid, because of the negative effect on the digestion system and can make you sick.

Below you can check the most famous food combinations which can harm your health:


1. A Sandwich and Coffee


A lot of people have breakfast on-the-go, because of their busy mornings or being late for work. This combination of a sandwich and a coffee is a very common choice for a meal, but with a negative effect. This is because the carbs in bread prevent the calcium in the cheese from being digested properly, so, adding coffee provides 0 benefits when it comes to heart health.

Tip: You can try switch coffee with a tea in this meal.


2. Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Tomato and cucumber salads are the most popular ones, but this combination can intrude the biochemical pathways of the body, it can cause calcination and swelling, and the food vitamins will not be digested properly.

Tip: Instead of eating these vegetables together, eat them separately!


3. Potatoes and Meat

Of course steak and fries is a delicious meal, but it is not a healthy combination. The reason is the starch in potatoes need alkalotic digestive fluids, and in the meantime the proteins in meat need acidic digestive fluids. By eating them together, they can cause gas, heartburn and other digestive issues.

Tip: Do not mix meat and fries.


4. Pasta and Minced Meat

Both ptyalin and amylase are produce by salivary grands and these two help on transforming starchy carbs into sugars. Mixing sugar with meat, create a dangerous chemical mixture and lead to diabetes.

Tip: Don’t eat pasta with minced meat. Have it as a separate dish and add herbs and vegetables.


5. Dairy and Pineapple

The digestive system works a little slower by eating sour fruit such as pineapple. They also contain bromelain, which can cause health problems when combined with dairy products.

Tip: Add apricots or plums instead of pineapple. Or instead of fruit add honey or oats


6. A Banana and Milk

Fruit which contain a lot of sugar can stay for a longer time inside the body, which slows down the digestive system, mainly when you add milk.

Tip: Avoid eating bananas with a meal.

Source: https://www.davidwolfe.com