What Happened to My Body After 21 Day Consuming No Food

We share with you the amazing story of Alanna Ketler. Read her inspiring fasting journey below and let u know your opinion.

I just recently did the unthinkable – I stopped consuming food altogether for 21 days. I recovered my body, provided my digestion system a much required remainder. I also cleared up my candida albicans, passed some bloodsuckers, as well as obtained my cystic acne under control. Would you believe it? I am still below to tell the tale.

I have been battling with exactly what I had actually been identified as having a concern of candida fungus overgrowth– for nearly two years, now I doubt whether it may have just been a bloodsucker all along. There are lots of health problems out there that are typically identified as secret illnesses due to the fact that mainstream medicine has neither discovered a cause or a cure, leaving lots of people at night when it concerns recovery.

The Master Fast System

When I initially discovered the Master Fast System I really felt that the suggestion of fasting resonated with something that can help me finally and also I was thrilled about the idea of difficult myself, although the recommended 40 -108 days felt like a little bit also long for me. I made a decision to try the fast, but tailor it to my requirements and exactly what I really felt with ease would help my body.

I did 21 days of the full on master fast system, which implies only grape juice blended with lemon, herbal tea and powerful tinctures, daily injections, a mixture psyllium husk powder, bentonite clay and also turned on charcoal mixed with grape juice as well as lemon this is called plasma “dessert” and also day-to-day dry fasts (nothing at all in the system) of between 14– 18 hours.

Will not You Shed A Lot Of Weight?

Throughout the 21 days I lost an overall of 15 pounds. A lot of that was simply water weight. As you can see from the picture, the major area that reduced was my belly, but it’s due to the fact that it was constantly so puffed up and also uneasy previously. This fast has entirely cleaned up the bloating and also swelling that was nearly a constant in my life for 2 years. This is absolutely what sweet relief feels like.


Is FASTING really  Hard?

Yes. But does that mean that it’s unworthy doing? No. Naturally not eating for a prolonged amount of time isn’t easy. However that isn’t really since you’re hungry, it’s due to your mental dependencies to food. It’s interesting because we feel we should consume, however most of us do not actually understand simply exactly how addicted to food we actually are since it is not only a HUGE part of our culture, yet we need to consume to make it through. Not up until you do without food do these dependencies emerge.

Surprisingly, the greatest quantity of healthy protein loss happens throughout the initial 72 hours. Afterward, the body adapts to preserve protein. Essentially, your metabolic process slows down so much to the point that your body makes use of the smallest amount of energy as feasible.

Your body could be able to endure for approximately three weeks or even approximately 70 days. It depends on whether you’re also moisturized or have plenty of fat reserves to consume for power. At a specific point, your immune system will certainly be compromised due to absence of nutrients. Usually, 2 diseases can occur in end-stage hunger: marasmus and kwashiorkor. Marasmus is a kind of severe malnutrition and also power deficiency, characterized by loss of muscular tissue mass as well as edema, or tummy bloating. Kwashiorkor is the most usual type of malnutrition in establishing nations, brought on by not obtaining adequate protein and also identified by fatigue, edema, and also reduced muscle mass.


The First 72 Hours of Fasting

The rough component takes place after 72 hrs of no consuming – this is the stage of autophagy. When the fats are broken down, your body counts on breaking down healthy protein in muscular tissues. Basically atrophying your muscular tissues. Now, your mind’s need for glucose will have dropped from 120 grams daily to only 30 grams. Yet your mind will should begin obtaining power from protein next. Breaking down healthy protein and releasing amino acids into the blood stream will produce more sugar. This transformation occurs in the liver. Your mind will be fueled by its much-needed sugar once again. Regardless, though your mind will be able to survive from protein, your muscles will slowly go away.


Fasting is a way to not only clear out the body and also provide the digestive system a break. It additionally is great for removing the mind. It’s remarkable how clear the head is when there is absolutely nothing in the system, no stimulants or other interruptions. I found I came to be a whole lot much more knowledgeable about my feelings as well. When something comes up, and also you have no retreat -through food or anything else, you are required to sit with it as well as feel it. That was a really fascinating experience throughout this whole thing also.

I strongly think that if we just tune into our body, offer it what it needs, and give our gastrointestinal system a break every so often, we will be fine. The idea of packing our confront with 3 large meals a day seems unreasonable to me, and points like periodic fasting really make a lot even more feeling.


Is Fasting For You?

I strongly believe fasting is something everyone could take advantage of. However if you are struggling with any kind of digestive system health concerns, then you particularly could take advantage of fasting. There are particular ways to deal with it, nonetheless.  Also it is very important to do sufficient research as well as select a method that is matched in the direction of your requirements.

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