The Cancer Dies When You Start Eating These Five Foods!

Do you know what kind of disease is cancer? Are you familiar with the characteristics of cancer?

Cancer is a disease which is characterized with out-of-control cell growth. You should know that there are more than one hundred different types of cancer, and depending of the cell which is affected the type of cancer can be classified. All the blood vessels are created under a stage named angiogenesis and this happens when the body is formed.

However, the angiogenesis doesn’t stop after people are being born. Usually when we have injuries that cut our veins, skin or arteries and there is a need for rebuilding the blood canals, this process continues and it is still present.

In many cases, the process itself is related with cancer spread or involvement of activators and inhibitors. Most of the researches relate the cancer with the inhibitors, however the activators are the ones who promote and boost grow of the cells.

Below we will show you 5 groceries which are anti-angiogenesis, and the reason why they stop growth or affect the feeding of cancers:



Most probably you have heard that the blueberries and raspberries are famous by their capabilities to fight against cancer-especially to the ovarian cancer. They have dark hue and are very effective because of the Phytochemicals, which are great for preventing cancer. In addition to all these, blueberries and raspberries have power to decrease the effect on oxifative stress and angiogenesis.


We all consume coffee and green tea, some of us often some not that much. However, you should know that they decrease the chances of cancer development.


Following a research made by Harvard, people who eat cooked tomatoes have 50% less chances of prostate cancer. The tomatoes have incredible power and they are very effective in inhibiting the angiogenesis. They contain high amounts of lycopene, which has anti-angiogenic properties.

During the digestion process, the lycopene is easily distributed during it breaks down in the body’s fat. Additionally, the concentration of lycopene increases when there is higher temperature, so this is the main reason why cooked tomatoes are so effective.


Do you like dark chocolate? It’s favorite dessert for many people. Did you know that this tasty food is very healthy to eat because it improves the heart condition, releases stress, increase happiness and also fights cancer cells.


The turmeric is known for the effectiveness in reducing fat, but it’s also a great tool for prevention of cancer.

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