Here is How To Instantly Stop A Migraine With Salt!

Having a migraine can make your life nightmare. That unbelievable pain can affect your everyday life and make your daily tasks much more difficult.

While having a migraine, your body is very sensitive and even the sunlight can cause pain. Therefore, the headaches caused by migraine are usually related with vomiting, light flashes, nausea and tingling in arms and legs.

However, the treatment is not simple, even there are many methods which are very expensive and have harmful chemicals in their characteristics.

In addition, there are some prescription migraine medications which might relief the symptoms but not on the long run, since they will come back after the effect of the drug is finished. You probably guess who benefits from this situation – the big pharma!

However, now we will suggest you a completely safe, natural and amazing remedy which will help you to get rid of the migraines.

The main ingredient of the remedy is salt, but you must make sure to purchase a good quality one, such as the organic Himalayan salt. This salt will strengthen your immune system, restore the alkaline balance in your body and remove the headaches and migraines.

And, the second ingredient of this remedy is lemon, which has same importance as the salt.


  • 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • half a lemon


Squeeze the half lemon juice into a glass of water and add the salt. Drink it, and after a moment you will feel the relief!

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