If You Have One Of These 5 Signs, Most Probably You Have Kidneys Disease..

We are all aware that kidneys are very important and they have the role to accumulate the waste and toxins from the human body. If this process is not working properly, the body can be target of big health issues.

Usually the kidney diseases can start as a result of high blood pressure and diabetes. The American Kidney Fund is saying that many people die as a result of kidney disease.

Being said, in order to prevent these issues and recognize the early signs of toxic kidneys you need to pay attention on the following:

  1. Urine Frequency

How much we urine on daily basis is parallel to the amount of water we consume. However, if the human body produce less urine it can lead to polyuria or oliguria. Being said, this can be a good indicator of kidney issues.

  1. Odd Urine Odor

The urine odor can depend on the physical activity, hydration, diet and many other factors, but having a fishy or sweet smell it can be a sign of kidney issues.

  1. Changes In Urine Color

If you have pale yellow urine than you are healthy, and as more hydrated you are, the lighter your urine is. But, if you notice that your urine becomes black, orange, brown or even red (because of blood), this is clear sign of kidney disease.

  1. Abdominal Pain

If you feel abdominal pain, you might face kidney conditions.

  1. Swelling, Nausea, And Shortness Of Breath

There are certain situations when the kidneys cannot eliminate urine as usual. This can lead to water retention and swelling, sometime shortness of breath or nausea.

Source: http://checkthesethings.com