Never Ignore These Dream Signals, They May Change Your Life

Why we sleep for 5-9 hours and we rest our body, our mind does not switch off. Our mind keep giving us Dream Signals, some of which may change our lives. Never ignore the following dreams.


When you dream flying around, you actually experiencing the feel of freedom. It means you need the freedom of expression in your life. You are trying to reach a goal and relieve your limitations. The feeling if freedom felt in the night will make you wake up energized and in a good mood. Do it in a real life, go for your goals.


The emotional side of the mind is expression when we dream water. Dreaming of water means, you are in a clean and pure state of mind. You are filled with good emotions. Enjoy it and tend to stay there.


This a very common and well-known dream. Although people believe that if you dream teeth you will actually experience unpleasant situation, it may actually be considered as a signal. Rotten teeth, pulling teeth, teeth falling. People consider all of them as a foretelling for a loss, accident or similar.

Our subcontience is actually saying that we feel inferior in our life. The dream symbolize that we have fears, hide lies or fell frustrated from our surrounding.

This dream instead of scaring us, is supposed to make us question our self-respect and confidence, as well as remind us to stay honest.


Everyone who have dreamed death is trying to forget the death in the first moment of being awake.

However, If analyze the dream, we may get some useful guideline. If may be the dreamer person who dies in the dream or a beloved one. In this case, it symbolize the ending of process, period or a routine in our life that we have to let go. On the other hand, it can mean a death of beloved idea or undesired changes in the surrounding.


This dream symbolize big creation, which you plan, or willing to do.  If dream this dream you shall have great desire to create something, ideas and confidence. You find them and not allow the surrounding to suppress it. Who knows, it may be a million dollar business idea, new relationship or creation that will change your life or the lives of others.


Loosing or giving away money usually means that you have spotted some chance of failure or material loss. You fear it, but probably ignore it. Try to think clearly and take the action to deal with it. Winning money symbolize a change in life you desire to do, but suppress it with your fears.


Dreaming about adultery is nothing to be ashamed from. It means that you feel outstand in your relationship or in general surrounding. Encourage yourself to raise voice, express your feeling and ideas, without thinking that you may lose your partner or comfort position.


Most common dreaming with fire is lighting a fire or playing with it. It symbolize being involved with risky activities.