These Terrible Diseases Are Caused Mostly By Sleeping Problems

Every one of us have experienced sleeping problems for different reasons. We have not taken the issue seriously so far, until experts came with couple of studies that links this problem with this deadly disease.

Diseases triggered by sleeping problems:

  1. Alzheimer

The John Hopkins University came up with a study in 2013. The study was conducted on 70 research subjects, men and women of different ages. The subject that reduced the sleeping hours as part of the study, showed to have unsuitable amount of beta-amyloid in the brain. This is exactly the substance that neurologists consider as a key factor linked with appearance of the Alzheimer Disease.

In addition, experts relate the lack of sleep with many more diseases that are cerebral. The reason behind is because sleeping is responsible to clean the brain from the substance called ‘cerebral waste’. Accumulating higher amount of cerebral waste is dangerous and can damage the cerebral crust.

  1. Prostate Cancer

Another research comes from Icelandic Health Institute. After testing more than 2000 elderly men, the institute concluded that men with lack of sleep are 60% more likely to develop prostate cancer.

Not only for prostate cancer, but also for cancer cells in general can be triggered by reducing the sleep.

Reducing sleeping hours causes the level of melatonin in the body to go lower. Melatonin is a chemical in the body that suppress the cancer growth.

  1. Cardiovascular Diseases

A Russian health institute confirms the widely known correlation between cardiovascular diseases and sleeping deprivation. Namely, they conducted 14-year study of over 500 subjects.

The scientists that conducted the study concluded that people with sleeping disorder are twice more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and 50 % more likely to experience a heart attack.

Good and regular sleep proves to be essential for the hearth heath.

  1. Overweight and Diabetes

Have you noticed what is the main factor that all nutritnists and fitness trainers suggest besides working out and diet? A good sufficient sleep. Lack of sleep causes an increased amount of fatty acids in the blood. A good sleep will speed up your metabolism rate and will keep the level of blood sugar regulated.

Tips how to maintain a good sleep routine:

  1. Relaxing practices- Find your relaxing point. You can practice meditation, watch a movie; listen to a relaxing music, read a book etc. Choose your favorite relaxation that will help you overcome sleepless nights.
  2. Exercise- Again, make your choice. Team sport, gym, running, swimming, cycling, hiking…whatever you enjoy and fits your body and lifestyle. Physical and mental activity are related. Your brain too will be relaxed before you go to bed.
  3. Sleeping schedule- Find your perfect sleeping routine. If you wake up early in the morning every day, do not oversleep during the weekends. Find the best timing for you to wake up and go to bed, and make it a continues process with no exception. After some time, the routine will give your brain signals and you will not feel sleepy in the morning and over energized in the nighttime. Sleep for equal amount of time in the same period every night.
  4. Look on the external factors- Comfortable bed, quality mattress; appropriate room temperature and lighting are some of the external factors that affects the quality of sleeping.

There are plant, that experts suggest you to include in your bedroom for a good sleep benefits. See which here.

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