Warning Signs of A Stroke You Must Know

You can help someone’s life by sharing this new indicator determined by scientists, for identifying a stroke. The tongue warns and helps preventing stroke.

Here is the story of Jane. During an event she fell, and she kept saying that the reason for this were the shoes she was wearing. Even though she looked fine during the same evening, her husband told Jane’s family that he has taken her to the hospital, after what she dies. Doctors claimed Jane has had stroke the same day, which was unbelievable, since she looked healthy. But the symptoms of a stroke cannot be recognized.

A well-known neurologist said that stroke symptoms can be retreated within three hours  if medics act swiftly, but it should be recognized and diagnosed.

How to identify a stroke?


Most probably you haven’t heard about the STR method. Below you have the three simple questions you should ask in order to recognize a stroke:


S – Ask the person to SMILE

T – Ask them to TALK and SAY SIMPLE THINGS

R – Have the person RAISE BOTH HANDS

Call 911 If the person is unable to do any of these things.

Stick out the tongue

Also you can ask that person to take out their tongue. If he cannot do this, he is having a stroke. Help others overcome this condition by sharing this.

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Source: http://checkthesethings.com