9 Plants That Native Americans Used to Cure Every Disease (From Common Flu to Arthritis and Inflammation)

Native Americans used many common herbs and plants, knowing their exact healing power. They used practically the same plants that we all have in our homes today. Here is how they used their healing properties.

  1. Mint

Not only in Native American culture, but also in worldwide, mint tea is well – known remedy to treat digestive problems and diarrhea. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals. Mint leafs is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

  1. Ginger

The ginger spice or ginger powder is a great medicine to treat ear infection. The ginger tea is highly effective remedy to cope bloating, stomach viruses and diseases. They drink It every night before going to bed to stimulate the digestion system and affect the metabolism rate.

  1. Buck Bush (Hummingbird Blossom)

Native Americans used Buck Bush to treat, inflammation, throat problems cysts, fibroid tumors and many other issues. Also, they were preparing tea from it, which is a good remedy for kidneys disease, hemorrhoids, menstrual problems etc.

  1. Greenbriar

They used greenbrier tea to treat arthritis and rheumatic pain. The roots contain variety of vitamin and minerals, so it brings numerous health benefits to our organism. They also used it as a remedy to cleanse the blood from toxins.

  1. Blackberry

Blackberry is fruit that bring many health benefits besides the good taste. Blackberry leaves contains a lot of fibers and acids so they used it as a highly effective remedy to reduce joint and tissue swelling. It will also boost your immunity system.

  1. Sumac

This is one of the plants that contains high amount of vitamin C. More than lemon, cabbage and pepper.  They have used the sumac as a remedy for sore throat, diarrhea, colds and common flew.

  1. Cattail

The Cattail is a plant similar to potato by it’s properties. It also contains a lot of stretches and it can be prepared the same way as potatoes. Boiled or baked it brings a lot of healthy fibers on your plates. Native Americans also used it by applying it externally on the skin to treat skin conditions, sores and burns.

  1. Yarrow

They have used the above ground parts from yarrow, to prepare effective remedy for fever, common cold and hay fever. They considered it as medical plant and used it for absence of menstruation, dysentery, gastrointestinal (GI) tract discomfort, and to induce sweating. Chewing fresh leaves of the plant can help you cope toothache.

  1. Wild Rose

Another Vitamin C Bomb. You can use this plant to fight viruses, flew and colds. Also, native Americans used it to treat kidney disease effectively.

Source: https://www.secretlyhealthy.com/