9 Powerful Natural Antibiotics That The Pharmaceuticals Industry Have Kept Hidden From Us All This Time

Last decades, a huge question is raised…why pharmaceuticals industry stands against the idea of substituting the conventional best- selling medicines with natural remedies.  Why did they hide these effective natural antibiotics all the time?

Everyday researches and everyday examples shows that often all-natural remedies are highly effective cure for numerous diseases.

9 Foods That Acts as All- Natural Antibiotics


This type of honey that comes from New Zealand. People consider it as one of the healthiest types of honey in the world. It is very rich in peroxide and some other natural antibiotics such as methlygloxal. The price of this honey may be kind of an issue, comparing to the other listed natural solution. In USA, markets sells it for approximately 50 USD per bottle.
Anyway, due its healthy antibiotic properties, it brings a lot of value for your health.


Do you love cinnamon cookies as most of the people?

Well, you will love it even more when you understand that it brings excellent health benefits for you. The most popular sweat spice can reduce the blood sugar and fight diabetes, if used on regular basis. Doctors also consider it as a natural antibiotic and recommend it in winter days, when we need to protect from cold and illnesses. They recommend it as a great immune system booster.


Alternative medicine used garlic in many remedies. We know garlic to be the worst enemy of viruses and infection. People in the past-consumed garlic to fight several infective diseases. From common flew to even AIDS virus. Doctors also recommend the patients with high blood pressure to eat more garlic. This natural antibiotic gives a specific oil. This oil is a pure concentrated garlic. You can use it as a highly effective natural antibiotic for ear, skin and internal infection.


Onion brings some similar healing properties as garlic. It fights infections and flu. When the flu season comes, do not refrain from eating garlic and onion. Apart of the harsh smell, they will keep you safe from infections.


The grapefruit seed extract kills microbes in the organism. People even use it to make cleaning bathroom surfaces. Imagine what a regular use of a proper dose will do with the microbes in your body.


This plant gives you energy and fights illnesses. Also, boosts the blood flow and is well digested in the stomach. Treat many issues with this, UTIs, kidney stones, bronchitis. Have it raw and blended or in juice, and add vinegar for better effect.


In order to keep safe of infections and flu, consuming Vitamin C never gets enough. Lemons, grapefruit, oranges, pepper, pineapple, cabbage…consume unlimited amounts of the fruits and vegies that contain Vitamin C.



Use Apple Cider Vineger as an effective antibiotic for external and internal infections. You can treat ear and throat infections. It contains malic acid and acts like strong medicine..

Source: http://www.foodmatters.com/