According To Studies These Are 7 foods That Will Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Your metabolism is partly ruled by genetics, but by eating right you can rev it up naturally. These are 7 foods that will boost your metabolism naturally

Egg whites

Egg whites keep your metabolism stoked  because they are rich in branched-chain amino acids,  says nutritionist David Grotto. Eggs are also loaded with vitamin D and with protein. Try these protein-packed egg recipes.

Lean meat

Lean meat is full of iron, metabolism can be slow down because of deficiencies of mineral. You should eat three to four times daily servings of iron-rich foods. Chicken or fortified cereal is iron-rich food.


Your metabolism may slow down If you’re even mildly dehydrated, says Scott Isaacs, MD, clinical instructor of medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine. Great Tip: Drink water cold, which forces your body to use more calories to warm it up.

Chili peppers

Capsaicin is a chemical compound in the chili peppers that can kick metabolism into higher gear, Dr. Isaacs says. He suggests you to add once a day a tablespoon of chopped chili peppers to a meal. The chili peppers are also great source of vitamin C.


The average metabolic rate of people who drank caffeinated coffee was 16 percent higher than that of those who drank decaf according to a study published in Physiology & Behavior found that

Green Tea

Accordig to research brew contains a plant compound called EGCG, which promotes fat-burning


In study conducted by Michael Zemel,  former director of The Nutrition Institute,  consuming calcium may help your body metabolize fat more efficiently.