Alkaline Water Kills Cancer – This Is How to Prepare It

What is Alkaline Water?

There is something known as a (potential hydrogen) pH scale and the purpose of this scale is to determine how acidic or alkaline a liquid is. The scale starts at 0 and goes all the way up to 14 with the neutral number being seven. If the liquid falls below 7 on the scale, this means that the liquid is acidic. While in a case where the liquid reads above 7, then it would be considered basic or alkaline.

The water that comes through your pipes has a mixture of things such as hormones, metals, antibiotics, and chlorine that will be fed directly into your system.

Unpurified water unfortunately, weakens your immune system and gives way to a number of other illnesses.

In many instances when there’s an acid buildup in the body, it can manifest itself in different forms such as weight issues, low energy levels, fatigue, etc. Luckily, all these problems can be avoided by consuming organic vegetables and water with a healthy balance between acid and alkalinity.

The Importance of Alkalinity

It’s a known fact our overall pH levels can be influenced based on the food that we consume. According to a 1931 German Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, the cause behind 95% of all cancers is the acidic environment that they are exposed to. He went on to explain that if the pH level gets to 7.36 or higher, cancer cells will be unable to survive.

It was claimed that approximately 100 years ago, there was substantial proof to establish a link between excess acidity and cancer development. In addition, the acidic environment is also responsible for most of today’s modern diseases including osteoporosis, heart disease, etc.

Detoxifying Lemon Water Recipe (Ready in 5 minutes)

Ingredients:                                      Directions:

  • ½ cup mint leaves – Peel a small piece of ginger prior to cutting
  • 1 lemon – Cut up all ingredients and add them to water
  • ¼ ginger root – Drink in the morning for best results
  • ½ cucumber

The mixture can last up to 3 full days by continuing to add water.

How It Works

Although lemon has an acidic taste, it is actually alkaline and known for its ability to regulate pH levels in the body. It consists of 22 anti-cancer elements, along with antibacterial compounds that help with cholera and bad breath just to name a few.

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