The Best Fruit that Prevents You from Heart Attacks, Cholesterol and Hypertension

Many people are directly associated with fruits when they hear about heath food. Today’s nutrition points on one fruit that proves to be a superfood that fights many illnesses and diseases.

We write about dates. Dates are rich with many vitamins, minerals and healthy fibers. These nutrition values brings many benefits for your health if you are regular consuming them.

Experts suggest eating dates to fight hypertension, heart diseases, and digestive problems and prevent from hear attack.

The Most Important Health Benefits of Dates

  1. Source of Iron

One of the most important minerals contained in the dates is iron. Every atom of iron that circulates in our blood brings two more atoms of oxygen with it. Iron is essential for every person healing from a disease. Children form 6- 12. Pregnant women and people who had surgery are urged to eat dates, due to this factor.

  1. Against Diarrhea

Dates also contain potassium. It is one of the base minerals that our body requires on daily basis. It has the property to prevail diarrhea and affect positive the flora in the digestive system.

  1. Weight Balance

Dates are cholesterol-free. If you eat some dates first thing in the morning, at least two hours before breakfast, it will prevent your body from storying excessive fats. This way it will balance your weight.

  1. Cholesterol Control

Dates has the property to control LDL (bad cholesterol) by cleanin the arteries and prevailing any blood clots.

  1. Strengthens the Cardio-Vascular System

Experts often say that dates are the guardian angel of the heart. Regular consumption leaves positive effect on the heart health.

You can prepare and effective remedy to boost your heart health by soaking 100gr of dates in a water. Leave them in the water overnight. In the morning, divide the seeds from the fruit.  Eat the fruits on empty stomach the same morning, blend the seeds and eat them s separately.