This Is What Coconut Oil Actually Does To Your Hair, Skin and Organs

If there is a thing that nutrition experts really talk about today, it is definitely coconut oil. Here we break down the actual visible health benefits that it leaves to our skin, hair, nails, and internal organs.

Effects of Using Coconut Oil

Many people believe and use the popular advices from nutrition experts, such as usage of coconut oil. Others do not believe and tend to avoid the usage, as well as claim that all of them are actually marketing. The visible effect the coconut oil usage leaves to our skin, nails and hair is one of the proves that cannot be denied.

Coconut can also help you get rid of grey hair permanently. 

What is probably one the less known subjects, is the anti- cancer properties of coconut oil. Cancer is the number one killer if the modern century. The modern life brings a lot of stress, toxic products and unhealthy processed food. The conventional ways of treating it, surgery and Chemotherapy leaves many side effects and the healing from them is very difficult. Sometimes they are successful but sometimes they kill the patient before cancers does.

Cancer Treating Experiment

Studies from numerous American Nutrition organisation proves that coconut oil is itself a natural remedy against cancer. It contains lauric acid, which gives the coconut oil amazing healing properties. The fact is proven by multiple studies made under hermetic conditions. Though it is not yet tested on human, so far it was proven successful in 90% of the studies.

This was one of the cancer- curing experiments that raised the most attention worldwide. Many medical experts are still discussing the experiment and it will definitely be a subject of further studies and experiments.

On the other side, pharmaceutical companies sponsored a lot of press against the studies. They are strictly not interested in investing in further testing and development in the subject. The reasons behind are quite suspicious.

The effect of usage coconut oils goes a lot further. So far, it proved to be a good remedy for arthritis and osteoporosis. It strengths your bones and boost the immune system. Doctors also recommend it as protection against Alzheimer disease.

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