This Common Drink Destroys The Bones and Is Full Of Cancer Causing Chemicals

Soda has a number of harmful effects on the body, but most people seem to ignore them and consume this drink excessively.

Despite there being a slight drop in the sale of sodas, the amount being bought is still alarmingly high. More than $75 billion worth is still being purchased on a yearly basis, and this over consumption has contributed to various health issues including diabetes, tooth decay, heart diseases and a host of others. So on that note, let’s look at a few of the main reasons why you should stop drinking soda.

It increases body fat

Consuming non-diet soda has been linked with an increase in fat around skeletal muscles and the liver according to a Danish study. In addition, this fat can also lead to diabetes and an increased resistance to insulin. In addition, the study highlighted that the routine consumption of soda can cause an 11% spike in cholesterol levels as well as increased liver, skeletal, blood and organ fat.

It consists of carcinogens

The brown pigment that you see in most sodas are actually the work of caramel coloring. Unfortunately, this so called coloring is made up of several known additives and among them there are two specific contaminants. They are 4-methylimidazole and 2-methylimidazole which have been linked with cancer in particular animals. According to information retrieved from the California’s strict Proposition 65 list of cancer- causing chemicals, daily consumption of at least 16 micrograms of 4-methylimidazole is enough to pose a cancer threat, while brown sodas have roughly 200 micrograms of the same compound in each 20 oz. container.

It can cause osteoporosis

The long shelf life that sodas have is due to the phosphoric acids in them that are also responsible for their tangy flavor. Excessive consumption of this acid can lead to many complications including kidney problems, heart problems, loss of muscle density, and it also speeds up the rate of aging. As it relates to the calcium aspect, soda consumption can lower bone density, subsequently leading to osteoporosis.

Linked with tooth decay

The decay of teeth in people is due to the consumption of soda has been termed as “Mountain Dew Mouth.” Sodas contain that citric acids that are able to wear down the enamel and dentin which have the purpose of protecting the teeth over time. 

It can cause health complications

There are several ingredients in soda and many of them consist of smaller chemical compounds that can lead to many health related issues as you will see below.

  • Type 2 Diabetes Sodas in general are loaded with various sugars that are unhealthy for the body and daily consumption can spike the chances of you developing this particular type of diabetes.
  • Insulin resistance The more sugar that’s in your bloodstream, the harder your pancreas will have to work in order to remove it. This can eventually lead to an increased resistance to insulin.
  • Heart disease Several scientists have confirmed a connection between heart disease and soda consumption. Additionally it has been pointed out that just one sugary beverage daily is enough to increase heart attacks or death from heart attacks by 20 percent.
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Simple sugars such as fructose that is found in sodas, can be converted into fat by the liver. However, the problem is that the fat will remain in the liver which will eventually lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • Dementia The increased risk of dementia has been linked to the regular consumption of soda, given that it can significantly raise sugar levels in the blood. Consuming drinks with excess sugar in general are factors that contribute to poor decision-making capabilities, and other complications like Alzheimer’s disease.

In wrapping up, if you happen to believe that diet sodas are way better than regular sodas, then watching this video below will definitely change your perspective.

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