Couple Arrested After Police Look Into Baby’s Mouth And See What They Did

They beat and forced a teething toy into their child’s mouth, and for that, South Carolina parents, 21-year-old Billy Ray Hawkins Jr. and 19-year-old Rachael Jade Nicole Herron, have thankfully been arrested and separated from the child they are being accused of abusing.

They ended up taking their infant son to the hospital in Greenville on August 14th, claiming that a teething toy had somehow “exploded” in the infant’s mouth. But the evidence just was not adding up, according to police investigators who looked into the incident.Multiple fractures on both both arms, bruises on the child’s body and his left eye swollen shut, were a few of the red flags present.

The baby’s mouth had suffered extreme trauma as it was bloody. A teething toy was found in the trash at the hospital. It was busted in half. It had blood stains on it.They were both arrested, charged with abuse to inflict great bodily injury upon a child and they are being held on $50,000 for Hawkins, and Herron’s bail is $25,000.

The child was given to the Department of Social Services. Hopefully these two scumbags will be sentenced to the maximum and never be able to get near that poor infant ever again.