If You Drink This Mixture Before Going To Bed, You Will Stimulate The Digestive System And Clean Everything From Your Body

We all know that good sleep is one of the most important factors in the process of fat burning. Few of us know the most effective way to Stimulate The Digestive System before going to bed.

 What is happening to our digestive system when we sleep?

All nutritionist, weight-loss experts and professional athletes can point the same. Diet, Workout and Proper Rest. While you sleep your metabolism rate, drops and the macro nutrition’s will not be digested. Sleeping is the state of our body when we burn the least calories, as it is possible. Having undigested leftovers in our body does a real torture for our digestive system. It will have hard time to digest the food and leave you unpleasant feeling in your stomach when you wake up. Further, this is a common cause of many digestive diseases and slows down the metabolism rate.

This is How You Can Stimulate The Digestive System…

First, you should avoid heavy food and big meals before going to bed. You should refrain from eating white bread, excessive amount of carbs, red meat and fish before going to bed. Take the dinner at least 2-3 hours before going to bed and in a small portion.

Beside of the first tip, you can experience the ultimate results to Stimulate The Digestive System by using this mixture. Have 1-2 glasses of the right before you go to bed. It will clean you from everything you ate during the day.


  • Mix Parsley, Lemon Cinnamon, Ginger and Vinegar in a blender. Blend it until you get a nice smooth smoothie. Place it in a fridge for 10 hours and then start using it.

For the best effects, skip dinner and drink two glasses of the mixture instead. Drink the two glasses within 20 minutes break.

Source: https://naturalcarebox.com