If You Drink Any Of The Teas On This List, Throw Them Away. They Are Full Of Dangerous Pesticides!!

In many global circles, tea has been known to be a healthier alternative to coffee.

However, a lot of people are unaware of the fact that some brands of tea contain a great deal of toxic compounds including fluoride and a host of pesticides. So high are the levels that some of these teas have been deemed unfit for human consumption. We all understand that there are lots of variations as it regards to tea, but choosing to purchase a cheaper kind in an attempt to save money could end up costing you more in the long run when it starts to affect your health.

A lot of the more popular brands of tea on the market are likely to contain pesticides and fluoride. This is because it is not washed prior to packaging and most of the pesticides that were used on the herbs end up in your cup in most instances. It has also been confirmed that carcinogens (cancer causing substances) can be found in a lot of non-organic tea brands. This also raises eyebrows as to what tea manufacturers mean by the term “natural flavors.”

According to a study that was published in Food Research International, a great deal of the UK’s populace continue to exceed the suggested fluoride intake. Consuming some of these harmful teas are the main contributors to fluoride overexposure in humans and apart from skeletal issues, it cause health complications with teeth and the kidneys as well.

How Does Fluoride End Up In Teas?

Plants naturally produce fluoride as they grow, but they also absorb it from the soil. The older the leaves, the higher the fluorine content and seeing that most of the cheaper teas comprise of older leaves it all adds up. These older leaves contain less anti-oxidants, therefore you get less nutritional benefits from drinking this kind of tea.

An investigation was conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) into some of the more popular brands of beverages including King Cole, Signal, Twinnings, Lipton, Uncle Lee’s Legends of China, and Tetley. To the surprise of most people, half of the brands that were examined surpassed the legal limit for toxin content and some of the worst brands were as follows:

King Cole – A banned chemical called monocrotophos was identified and it has been proven to cause comas and fluctuating heartbeat.

Uncle Lee’s Legends of China – Approximately 20 different pesticides were found in this brand including endosulfan that can cause damage to the nerves.

No Name – Ten different pesticides were found in this brand.

This is by no means confirmation that all the other brands of tea are safe. In fact, Red Rose tea was the only brand that didn’t have any trace of pesticides at all.

How to Avoid the Toxic Chemicals in Tea

This can be done in a couple of ways, so don’t think that you will need to give up tea all together. It’s about making healthier choices for yourself. Tea has a host of health benefits, so if you plan to continue drinking then you should pay attention to these tips.

  • Review the ingredients and ensure that there are no added flavors or GMO ingredients included.
  • Be careful when ordering tea in restaurants, food establishments, etc. seeing that most of them are known to use brands of tea that are filled with pesticides.
  • Switch to white tea. It has very little fluoride and it is made using young leaves.
  • Always purchase non-GMO certified tea brands.
  • Educate yourself about the seeping/brewing times for each of the brands you use. For instance, oolong tea should be seeped for 4-7 minutes, white or green teas should be 2-3 minutes, black tea is 3-5 minutes, herbal teas should be seeped for 5 minutes minimum or longer if you want it stronger.

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