This is How Drinking Diet Soda Can Lead You to Alzheimer, Dementia and Stroke!

While we are surrounded by warnings for sugar consuming, we often reach to the sugar- free alternatives. After so many researches, it turns they even worse for our organism, causing dementia and heart failures.

Of course, we are all aware what consuming sugar can lead us to. Heart disease, gaining weight, obesity, teeth problems, diabetes and much more.

That’s why many people have stopped drinking regular drinks such as juices and sodas and switch to “diet” or “light/lite” varieties. These foods and drinks are actually sweetened artificially with chemicals that contain few or no calories.

So why is diet soda bad for you when it is artificially sweetened and does not contain any sugar? The answer lays in the question- those toxic synthetic sweeteners.

Regular vs. Diet Soda

One of the most popular uses of synthetic sweeteners is in the soda drinks. Since the 60’s we had variaty of choices and flavors of soda, all of them contained a lot of sugar. Now days, diet soda takes over the market and it is been used from so much more people. Mainly with focus the look after their weight.

Why is Diet Soda Bad for You


A terrifying result is coming from the university of Boston, which found that sugar sweetened soda has much less impact on the nerve and heart system. The users of diet soda expose their selves to a huge risk of dementia, Alzheimer and heart failures.

Unfortunately, these are not the only health issues the diet soda brings

  • It affects type 2 diabetes patients, hence they should not consume it
  • As an unnatural drink, it gives hard time to the kidneys to do their job and increase the risk of kidney failure.
  • Cola in particular (both regular and diet) contains phosphoric acid and its effects on the kidneys have been specifically studied, with the same result—twice the risk of chronic kidney disease. (8)
  • It cause low blood calcium, with implications for bone health dental cavities, urinary and kidney stones.
  • It provoke the blood pressure, thus these patients should not drink it neither.
  • Aspartame, the most common artificial sweetener, has been linked to leukemia and lymphoma.
  • A study involving almost 60,000 people found that drinking just 24 ounces (2 cans) of diet soft drinks a day significantly increases your risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease.
  • You can not actually call the drink a diet drink, as it slow the metabolism giving the liver hard time to do it’s function.  So, it will definitely slow down the fat-burning process in your body.

Healthier Alternatives

Although it contains its natural level of fructose, freshly squeezed fruit juice is always a healthier, even more diet friendly drink. Mix it with water and ice if you want to reduce calories.

And, if you still want to go 0 calories and sugar, try iced tea. Make a mix of your herbal or fruity tea. Later store it in the fridge and drink it as a refreshing drink in the summer with some ice or herbs inside.