Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: 5 Minutes Japanese Methods For Curing!

Japanese people are well known for using alternative healing techniques for centuries. Today, we will show you one of these techniques which takes only 5 minutes.

There is one ancient technique of healing art called Jin Shin Jitsu, which restores the emotional balance just by stimulation of certain points on the fingers.

The belief is that each finger is connected in a way to two body organs, and the stimulation can improve the physical and emotional health.

We will show you 5-minute treatment that offers amazing benefits:

In order to target certain internal organ, you need to take the finger with the other hand and hold it like that for 3-5 minutes. Start breathing deeply and massaging all 10 fingers for 3 minutes.

This is how organs are connected with the fingers: 


Linked to: stomach and spleenwort

Emotions: depression and anxiety

Common symptoms:  skin issues, nervousness, headaches, stomach pain

Index finger:

Linked to: kidneys and urinary bladder

Emotions: fear, confusion, disappointment

Common symptoms:  a toothache, muscle pain, back pain, digestion issues

Middle finger:

Linked to: liver and yolky bitter

Emotions: anger, indetermination, irritability

Common symptoms: a migraine, tiredness, circulation problems, menstrual pain, frontal headaches

Ring finger:

Linked to: lungs and large intestine

Emotions: sadness, fear, negativity

Common symptoms:  digestion issues, asthma, respiratory problems, skin disease


Linked to: heart and small intestine

Emotions: worry, nervousness, absence of self-confidence

Common symptoms:  bone issues, heart disease, throat pain

In the future if you face some of these issues, try using the technique above and we guarantee the positive impact and result.

Source: www.healthylifeidea.com