Experts Finally Agreed- This is The Ultimate Diabetic Diet for All Types of Diabetes!

Diabetes is a problem that a lot of people are struggling deal with, based how your diet has to be altered in order to keep your blood sugar at normal levels.

With this said, there no standardized diet for any type of diabetes. Every case has to be treated based on age, past eating habits and a host of other things.

Today we’ll be looking at meal planning for persons with type 1 diabetes, so they can have a better idea of how to proportion their meals as well as have a better overview of the foods they should consume and those that they should eat less.


Carbs are vital for this type of diet. They will help to regulate sugar levels and prevent them from dropping too low. However, you should bear in mind that too much can push it too far, be careful of how much you consume.

Fruit juices, bread, cereal, yogurt and certain types of pasta are sources of good carbs that will top your sugar level up probably an hour after you eat. These are typically good starters for breakfast to keep you until it’s time for lunch and given your particular needs; you may need to have a small snack before lunch.

There are many options for a healthy breakfast you can look into. So along with eating healthy, you don’t get bored by eating the same things over and over. If you have to use oil, use as little as you can and try switching to whole wheat bread and adding more fruits.


Vegetables can never be downplayed. Whether or not you have diabetes, vegetables are an excellent source of starch that will be beneficial to your body. Having them with your lunch is a great addition if you never gave it much thought before.

We cannot forget about proteins either because even though they may not have any direct impact on your blood sugar; they are crucial to muscle development and repairing wounds. Meat is not the only source of protein. So if you’re looking for other options, you can look into beans, greek yogurt, and nuts.

You can also look into salads and a bit of dairy like low-fat cheeses and skimmed milk as healthy alternatives. Fruits must not be left out. Small apple slice or two isn’t a bad idea.


We are now at the second most important meal of the day.

For your dinner options, you should keep your choices open. It’s a late dinner, you may have already had a snack after your lunch, and you need to replenish your system.

Rice, salads, fish and other meats can come into play here. If you use chicken, you try baking it for a change in an effort to reduce  your cholesterol intake.

Another word of advice would be to brush your teeth a few minutes after eating. It has been proven that a fresh mouth lowers the temptation to snack outside your diet in the nights.