Find Out Whether You Have Heart Issues in 30 Seconds- The Easiest Health Test Ever

Try one of the quickest and easiest health test ever. Put a very cold water in an ordinary glass and place your fingers in it. Leave them there for 30 seconds. You will find our whether you have hear issues or not.

After 30 seconds keeping the finger in the cold water, you finger will keep it is natural color or will become blue.  Blue finger signals blood circulation problem, possibly triggered by a heart disease.

What Really Happens?

The blood vessels flare up in the finger, nose or ears when the body temperature drops. This is why in this case, these body parts does not get enough blood circulation and get the dark, blue color. Besides the color, they lose their natural softness.

Where is the danger?

Blood clogs can cause circulation this problem also. This reason is also dangerous for you. Do not let the blood clogs flow in your blood. If they reach some of the vital organ, the repercussions may be fatal.

If this signal appears, immediately go visit your doctor or try to ask for a heart and blood examination.

Often these simple tricks can get us a huge health benefit. If you know any similar, feel free to share it with us in the comment box below.