These Food Combinations Are Dangerous and You Should Always Avoid Them

Although we consider some foods very helpful for our health, there are some mixes which we should always avoid.

Occasionally, the healthy protein framework of 2 foods is hard to absorb, which is why the combinations gives our organism a hard time to diggest. Below are 5 food mixes you need to steer clear of from:


Lime and cough medication

Limes can block the enzymes that break down statins, while coughing medication such as dextromethorphan could accumulate in the bloodstream if statins aren’t damaged down appropriately, causing enormous damages to the liver.

Dairy products and antibiotics

Some antibiotics can bind to iron, calcium and other minerals in dairy items, which will protect against the complete absorption of the drugs and decrease your body’s capacity to fight infections. Whenever your doctor suggest new medication,  ask your doctor what class it drops in. If it’s tetracycline or fluoroquinolone, you should not take it with milk or yogurt.

Lentils and also red wine

Merlot is rich in tannins, uncommon substances that could inhibit the absorption of iron from plants like soybeans or lentils.

Milk and bananas

Although lots of people like a nice banana milkshake or smoothie, the mix of milk and bananas is entirely wrong. If you consume this combo, you will feel heavy and  cause bloating which is why it must be avoided.

Consuming  water and alcohol throughout dishes

Medical professionals are alerting that alcohol and water consumption during or quickly after a meal could seriously hinder your digestion. Ensure to consume alcohol and water 30 minutes prior to or after your meals in order to help your body absorb nutrients from the food correctly.