These Foods Will Make Your ‘Tool’ Hard As a Rock!

For a few centuries, people have been seeking for new ways and means to naturally boost their sexual performance and libido.

This can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece where foods known as aphrodisiacs were consumed, based on the belief that they could improve sexual desire and potency. This is actually the reason why most people back then consumed them on a regular basis.

Studies have shown that consuming more Vitamin A, B and E will subsequently lead to a better sexual performance and an increased sex drive. They are also called “vitamins of reproduction” and they have proven to be quite useful along with other essential minerals including potassium, calcium, phosphorous and protein. Most of these required vitamins and minerals can be found in various seeds.

These are the foods that can increase your libido:

Meat and fish: Beef, Flounder

Dairy products: Sour cream, Cottage cheese, Yogurt

Vegetables: Onion, garlic

Fruits: Figs, Oranges, Bananas, Lemons, Pomegranates

Herbs and spices: Cumin, Anise, Wort, St John’s Wort, Turnips. (Fighters in Russia consumed a lot boiled of turnips and father several kids)

Seafood: Oysters, Mussels, Shrimp. (Casanova started each morning with oysters and it is said to be connected to his astonishing potency.)

Consuming a combination of nuts and honey has been said to be the tastiest and most effective method to increase libido.

Including adequate proportions of these foods can definitely increase your libido and put your love life in a better place.

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