The 37-year-old spent two years in the same hospital undergoing countless surgeries to re-route nearly every major organ or system inside his body.Finally he learned to walk with only his upper body after ten years in bed. The incredible recovery of Peng Shuilin surprised everyone.

Now, the half-man is the proud owner of a number of stores throughout China and he is one of the top multimillionaires in the country. Peng Shuilin also gives motivation to people by visiting hospitals and giving lectures on recovering from disabilities. Watch and share the inspiring message below.!


Peng he had dreams and ambitions about his life. In 1995, a fatal accident completely changed his life. Peng Shuilin who overcame a near fatal accident in 1995 that sliced his body in half leaving him with only a torso.Without any hope of survival, Peng was taken to a...