He Washed His Face With This And His Daughter Could Not Believe It, Because He Seemed Younger Than Him! Say Goodbye To Wrinkles, Dark Spots And Acne!

If you have dark spots and freckles on your face, you can make a lotion made of natural ingredients that will cause your face to shine. It’s a lotion made of lemon (or apple cider vinegar) and parsley leaves.

Its preparation is very simple and using it daily is recommended if you want better skin.


The reason why it works so well is because there are lots of minerals and vitamins in parsley, and essential oils contained in its juice. These oils have a lot of potassium and manganese in them.

Other diseases and conditions you can treat using parsley are eye inflammations, fatigue, renal illnesses and many more. It also has a wide range of usage in cosmetics. It whitens the skin, while making it stronger.

The areas that will mostly benefit from it are the ones around the eyes and the core of the skin. Also, acne will be removed with it too.

To prepare it, you will need 2 tbsp of parsley leaves, a teaspoon of lemon juice (or ACV) and 200 ml of water.

First, boil the water and put it on the 2 parsley leaves, which you cut before. Then simmer it for around 15 minutes.
After this period, let it cool down for a while.
In the end, put a teaspoon of lemon juice or ACV.
Keeping it in the fridge is a must.

It’s recommended that you apply the lotion twice a day, right after you wake up and before you go to bed. Your skin will be whiter than ever and the pores on the skin open up easily. Your complexion will benefit from it a lot.

After a month, you will have a completely different facial skin.

If you want to treat your eye areas, do the same lotion but without the ACV or lemon juice. Use it twice a day too, but soak it in a cotton ball and leave it on the areas for 5 minutes.

Source: https://www.healthandlovepage.com/