Amazing Things Happen To Your Body When You Consume Okra

Today expert proves the advantages our body gets from using okra. Nutritionist highly appreciate it for the following characteristics.

Our ancestors have been using Okra as an alternative treatment for many common diseases, mostly because it is reach with dietary fiber. Nowadays people use it in a various ways; fried, boiled, baked and great addition to summer salads.

Couple medical studies have proved the main benefits we get from this veggie , such as positive effect on nephropathy and kidney disease, cancer prevention etc.

The Main Health Benefits from Consuming Okra

  • Regulate the level of cholesterol in your blood

Okra reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. It decreases total cholesterol and triglyceride and enhances excretion of bile acids (made from cholesterol) in the feces.

By regulating cholesterol levels, it keeps us safe from heart diseases and blood clots.

  • Controls Hunger

Okra is loaded with soluble fibers.4 Soluble fiber makes you feel full faster and for longer. This can help keep your calorie intake in check, helping you with your weight loss goals. With a longer-lasting feeling of satiety, your need to binge will be curbed immensely.

  • Diabetes Treatment

Journal of Pharmacy & Science Bioallied claims that Okra is effective for treating diabetes type 2 . An animal study shows that extract of this vegetable regulates the level of blood sugar.  They state that this why it has been used as a medicine for diabetes in the traditional medicine.

  • Against Cancer Growth

Okra’s contains substances highly effective in the treatment of breast cancer. The researchers proves that the  lectin contained in Okra can help neutralizing the breast cancer cells.

  • Fights Depression

Experts  from the Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences stated that Okra seed extract is capable of curing deprecation by affecting our hormones positively. Today nutritionist consider the vegetable as a good substitute for anti depression pills.