Homemade “Breathe Easy” Shower Disks To Blast Away Congestion

Being sick is no fun, but the stuffy nose that often comes with it can really put a dent in your day. Conventional decongestants work by masking your body’s symptoms, and often have unwanted side effects attached. Symptoms range from restlessness and trouble sleeping, to vomiting, headaches and even seizures. Skip the questionable drugs, and use these eucalyptus shower disks to promote clear breathing instead.

Homemade "Breathe Easy" Shower Disks To Blast Away Congestion

Shower disks may be little, but they really pack a punch. You can customize the essential oils used in them, depending on the aromatherapy benefits you need. Most DIY products keep the essential oil concentration in the .5-2% range. Since these shower disks won’t be put on the skin though, it’s totally safe to use a higher amount, and you really need to in order to be able to smell them. No one wants to spend time on a project that doesn’t work as intended, so please don’t skimp on the essential oils here.

Peppermint is the first oil we’re using in this recipe. It has a high menthol content, so it’s great for clearing up the sinuses. It’s also a very awakening and energizing essential oil, making it the perfect pick me up for your morning shower. Peppermint also has antibacterial and antiviral properties to help kick your cold to the curb. Learn more about peppermint oil here.

Eucalyptus is really the star of the show here. Like peppermint it has a high menthol content and can help clear the nasal passageways. This study showed that Eucalyptus was helpful for bronchitis, showing how helpful it is for respiratory issues. It also has antimicrobial properties to help you recover from illness faster. Learn more about eucalyptus oil here.

Baking soda is what gives these shower disks their sustenance, and arrowroot powder helps them to dry hard. Store them in a pretty glass jar for easy use, or gift some to a friend. And don’t wait until a cold hits to enjoy the refreshing aroma. They’re just as good when used in your morning routine to help energize your body and mind for the day.
Source: http://www.naturallivingideas.com/