How Can Sitting Impair Your Health

According to studies something as simple as sitting can reduce the years of your life expectancy.

In this modern time and modern life more things require sitting in front of computers and office work and jobs too.

It is unavoidable but there are thing you can do to mix it up and reimburse those hours you spent sitting. If not your body can suffer consequences and health issues will come inevitably.

10 Reasons Why Sitting Kills

  1. Sitting can increase the risk of premature death. According to studies people who sat more than 6 hours a day had 40% increased risk that those who sat 30 hours.
  2. Sitting increases chronic diseases. According to a study conducted in Australia people who sit for long hours have increased risk of getting chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
  3. Prolonged sitting can increase the risk of thrombosis and it is mainly associated with the formation of blood clots that obstruct blood flow.
  4. Inactivity can reflect badly on your mental health and mind. According to studies people who were inactive most of the time during the day have an increased risk of mood disorders and signs of depression.
  5. Sitting is connected to cancer risk. According to studies a very big percent of all cancer cases in both men and women is linked to prolonged sitting and inactivity. Colon cancer is the most common.
  6. Sitting can lead to weight gain. When you sit your body can produce 50% more fat than normally.
  7. Sitting can cause cardiovascular issues. People who sit most of the day have 54%increased risk of getting a heart attack and stroke.
  8. Sitting can go beyond general weight gain and go as far as obesity. It can also cause metabolic disorders, increase the bad cholesterol and insulin resistance.
  9. Prolonged sitting can cause diabetes since it can cause insulin resistance and break havoc on the body and inflammation.
  10. Too much sitting is bad for the back and the general posture. When you sit the weight of the top half of your body falls and causes unnecessary pressure on the on the back. This situation can cause long term problems.


The only one that can make a difference and change these things is you. No doctor or professional can help you unless you are willing to do something for yourself.

Try to break up the hours of sitting with some simple chores that require you to move. Don’t sit for more than 1 hour and if you have the time try to include simple stretching exercises or simple squats during the day.

Even small efforts can do a great deal in reducing these risks and bring you a healthier life.