Humans Provenly Have a Sixth Sense. It detects magnetic fields (Some People Are Already Aware)

For the most part, we as humans depend on our five senses to function at optimum levels in an attempt to get through life.

Even though this next fact is not surprising to some, many people have only recently discovered there is a sixth sense that exists in the spiritual dimension of our being.

This new sense is the one that gives us direct access to things that cannot be explained by logic and science. It’s not used by many people but it is also said to be the link through which humans are able to channel physic abilities and intuition. Each person has a sixth sense and we are also capable of tapping into it if we so choose. It’s just a matter of increasing your self-awareness so you can identify subliminal messages from it.

Here are a few guidelines that can assist in developing your sixth sense:

  1. Make a note of your dreams

Even though there are cases in which a dream can’t stand up to the scrutiny of logic, this happens to be one of the ways in which we can connect to our sixth sense. Dreams usually contain hidden messages that can point us in various direction as it relates to our respective lives. When you wake up in the mornings, start writing your dreams on paper. Most people forget their dream within the first five minutes of waking, so a notepad on your nightstand isn’t such a bad idea.

Patterns will eventually begin to form after keeping this up daily for about three weeks. You won’t notice the puzzle slowly putting itself together until you look back on the things you dreamt about leading up to the current day.

  1. Find a sense of balance

This is a key part of being able to tap into the sixth sense, seeing that is dependent on this component. If one sense appears to be dominant in comparison to any of the others, then it will be more difficult.

It’s all about calming the storms in your mind and being able to focus on the energies in your surroundings. You will be shedding your five main senses in a manner of speaking, which means you have to go beyond what you can hear, see, feel, smell and taste. You can also reactivate the energies inside you by closing your eyes and focusing on the way your body feels, but don’t use logic to try explaining it

  1. Train your intuition

Instead of thinking of your intuition as a mental process, think of it as a muscle that you have to train to get stronger. So in other words, the more you pay attention to your “gut feelings” the stronger your sixth sense will become.

Start small by allowing your intuition to lead certain choices you make. It doesn’t matter how simple the choice is, try working on this muscle at least two times per day.

The more you flex this muscle the more your self-confidence will improve. This improvement will eventually cause you to leave more important life choices to your intuition.

  1. Be one with your environment

At one point in time when nomadic tribes were still around, the sixth sense was necessary to their survival. In today’s modern time where everything can be done at the push of a button, humans have become less dependent on this sense.

On the other hand, animals are still in tune with their sixth sense. Have you ever wondered why ants tend to get very busy when a storm is coming? Or maybe you have seen a case where a dog is barking viciously, but there’s nothing in front of him. The sixth sense was and should still be considered a primal instinct and we can see more of it in action when we start to connect with the surrounding the environment.

Stop for a brief moment to sense the energy in the room and how it makes you feel. What is the reaction you’re getting from the persons in the room? Being mindful of your surroundings in this way will gradually cause you to notice things you normally wouldn’t.

Nature in itself possesses healing properties and it’s directly connected to who we are. Let’s take flowers for example, they can do a world of good just by looking at them. Take a moment to think about why your favorite flower became the favorite in the first place. The energy flowers carry are filled with joy, happiness and love in some cases.