If You See Someone Wearing a Safety Pin, THIS Is What It Means!

Currently, there is a new movement in America that attracts many people and everyone can join.

In America, people have started wearing safety pins, an idea that emerged after the famous Brexit vote in Great Britain. Last summer, many people saw the Great Britain’s decision to exit the European Union an anti-minority and anti-immigration bill.

If You See Someone Wearing A Safety Pin, THIS Is What It Means!

For this reason, many people felt upset and wanted to support those affected by the decision. So, they choose wearing safety pins as a symbol of solidarity and a peaceful protest. This symbol has nothing to do with fashion but it indicates the safety of the person in terms of nationality, religion or other types of dangers.

In America, this movement has reached immense popularity after the election of Donald Trump. The victory of Trump was not expected by many people in America, they see him as a racist demagogue that can seriously harm every person that is not a straight white male.

So, the racial minorities felt less safe as a result of the Trump’s racist and victimizing campaign.

For that reason, people started wearing safety pins protest and to ally themselves with those who feel threatened by the vote.

They support themselves with these safety pins and react to the violent actions and the speeches of hate.

These symbols will support the targeted and persecuted groups such as people of color, immigrants and LGBT groups.

This small symbol transmits an enormous message. It means that you are not alone and you should stand up for all that hate and unite together for a better and brighter future.

This idea still attracts and it is going to attract many people to join and stand against racism.

Source: https://www.healthandlovepage.com/