The Most Important 5 Things You Should Never Do Before Making Love

These small couple thing s can mean a great time in the bedroom…or someone to stay disappointed. Your partner would appreciate if you know them.

We all try to be gentle lovers. Knowing these details can really ease the path to the heaven or add the cherry on the top of the cake.

The list was the defines given on the results on various studies. They show that in most of the uncomfortable situation in bed, one of the partners has done some of the points of the list.

5 Don’ts Before Making Love

1. Refrain yourself from using antihistamines if you are looking forward to have a good time in the bedroom. This is especially important for woman. It will dry down some part of the bodies.  You are smart enough to guess which one right? Lubricants might be helpful if you anyway did it.

2. If you drink before you start the game in order to relax, you should be aware that alcohol can often relax some  other parts of the body as well. Yes, this implies for men. But both for men and women, the more alcohol you have in blood – the harder the orgasm will be achieved.

3– Don’t use the razor right before the show. If you shave the private areas of the body, than try to do it at least 15 hours before. Shaving body hair also shaves your thinnest top layer of the skin.

4. We Know that foods like chocolate, oysters and strawberries can really stimulate the mood in the bedroom.  Do you know the foods can also do the opposite? Spicy food can impact vaginal taste and odor. Beans and legumes, especially if combined with meat, can cause bloating and gas

5. Having a heavy meal right soon before the game begins can make you slow and kill your desire. If you take someone to dinner and expect to get lucky later, skip your appetizer or desert. Stay away from heavy and spicy foods. Also, although you heard that garlic and onion are suggested as boosters in this area…still do not forget that no one will like the smelly breath.

Making love brings a ton of benefits for our well-being and health in general. Quality intercourse strengths your relationship or marriage. It will also keep you safe of much illness also boost your mental health.