5 Tips to Overcome the “Monday Morning” Attitude!

Ah, it is already Monday Morning. Entertainment and leisure time ended and work responsibilities you snatch are a huge part of the day.

Unfortunately, Monday Morning always comes, you can not escape from it. But you can change your feelings towards this “odious” day. Here are some suggestions on how to love the beginning of the work week:

5 Tips to Have a Great Monday Morning
  • Use weekends as good as possible.

It is unlikely that you will have a great Monday if you had a miserable weekend. How you are ambitious and dedicated career must weekends to use maximally enjoy and relax. Visit homegrown resorts to try new specialties, organize family and social celebrations without reason. When you have fond memories of the weekend in the head, you will feel more satisfied with life and will suppress the bottom of the negative emotions that are born from the thought of the hated Mondays.

  • Prepare your attraction / new fashion combination.

Look incandescent Monday and so will feel. Prepare your fashion combination in which you feel comfortable and stylishly and confidently walked through the day. Prepare your clothes on Sunday evening to skip the morning before hanging closet with the thought “What should I wear today?”. If you have a new piece of clothing, book it for Monday. We will eagerly wait to see what will be the reactions of colleagues.

  • On Monday set the alarm half an hour earlier.

No matter how you too lazy to get out of bed, put efforts on Monday to become earlier. If you do not rush the preparation of work and arrive a minute sooner, you will be more relaxed during the day.

  • Go to the hairdresser or manicure right on Monday.

When you know that the end of the working day awaits treatment for embellishment, with greater ease will go through obligations. Another positive side of Monday’s beauty is that there is so much movement through beauty salons, so you spend more time with you.

  • Stop living for the weekend.

Surely you’ve read a bunch statuses “I hate Mondays”, “I look forward to Friday,” “Jeee, it is weekend.” This way of thinking reinforces negative emotions. Yes, it is true that weekends are the funniest, but nobody prevents you have a mini adventures during the working week. Everything depends on you and your attitude. Think of the unemployed and be grateful and happy to have a job. Consider the following: While you hate Mondays, many yearn to have a job and be your place.

  • Resist the temptation to spend the night weekend.

It’s easy to sink into bed and sleep for 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday, but you will not be up for a dream that you take away the working week. Instead, on Monday, your body will find it difficult to adjust to the new schedule of sleep and getting up. Make sure the weekend to wake up around the same time as during the working week and beat Monday’s laziness.

  • Hide your little sweet surprise.

Every Friday you leave in the drawer of a desk in a small chocolate or your favorite candy. Mondays will appear smiling when you see it little surprise.

  • Do it Monday’s schedule on Friday, but not insert obligations.

Instead of leaving unfinished commitments Monday, complete as much as possible from them on Friday and then, plan must be on the agenda on Monday.
Buy tickets for theater, concert or theater Wednesday night. People are much more willing Thursday than on Monday. The reason is obvious – the approaching weekend and idea of fun activities increase our joy. To do Monday bearable, buy a “fun cards” on Wednesday. When you know that you expect something interesting for two days, you’re more optimistic set and skip the “spitting” on Mondays.

  • Make someone else happy.

Promise yourself that every Monday you will do at least one good deed. Phone donate, Treat homeless, buy his coffee at your dear colleague, take cakes for colleagues or give them compliments, send him/her a very sweet message of desired … Happiness returns, sometimes double, sometimes triple.
Watch on Monday as the chance for a fresh start. Mondays are great to dream and achieve. You have a new idea or plan on how to improve something in their work? Want to start a new diet, because they were unsuccessful in the old? Mondays offer you the opportunity to start from scratch, to turn a new page of life and do something that has long desired. You can write a whole new chapter of your life, starting on Monday.