The Most Effective Immunity Booster Cost a Penny!

From the Ancient China to the modern western world, it has been the most effective immunity booster for centuries.

Raspberry bush is a permanent plant high as two meters. The flowers are white and bloom in June and July.

The herb is widespread in Europe, in Asia and North America. Raspberry leaves contain organic matter, vitamin C and provitamin A and a little sugar.


The dried leaves in alternative medicine and phytotherapy used in the form of tea against flu and colds, because the leaves act by increasing perspiration.

In Chinese traditional medicine, the dried leaves of raspberry, is brewed tea, which is given as painful menstruation, beneficially influences pain in pregnant women and facilitates the delivery because it relaxes the muscles of the uterus.

Tea made from dried fruits of raspberry is used as a drink for the winter, when the body needs vitamins.

Preparation and Method of Use:

Tea: 1-2 tablespoons dried crushed leaves are being boiled with 500 ml hot water disposal container covered one to two hours; strain the tea and drink two to three cups a day.