Improve Your Nervous System: This Flower Will Give You Nerves of Steel!!!

Peony is a perennial herbaceous plant with root spindle and short rhizome. From the rhizome develops erect, furrowed and fibrous stem 80 cm high.

Red peony is widespread in southern and south-eastern Europe, the Balkans, Southwest Asia and others.


The root contains essential oils, tannins, glycosides, sugars and explored alkaloids. The flowers contain anthocyanins Glycoside, sugars, tannins and others. Hippocrates used the seeds of peony as a cure for epilepsy.

In alternative medicine, the roots and flowers are used in the form of tea as a means of calming the nerves and good sleep. Sedative and antispasmodic drugs were acting scientifically verified.

The sedative and antispasmodic action roots in the alternative medicine are used against epilepsy, whooping cough, and spastic bronchitis. Drugs muscularity tone your body smooth bowel, kidney, bladder and uterus and tea prepared because they are used against constipation and hemorrhoids, diseases of the urinary organs and regulate menstruation. Drugs are toxic and if you overstep doses it can lead to poisoning.

Preparation and use:

Pour 400ml boiling water on 1 teaspoon of crushed dried root and leave the container stand covered for 20 minutes. Then 2 to 3 times a day, drink around 100 ml of the tea.