Excessive Sweating Makes You Feel Uncomfortable? These Is What You Should Do…

Some people sweat more than normal and to prevent you must recognize the symptoms and to help themselves.

Stains on clothes

Clothes every day you notice spots of sweats that extend from the armpit to the waist? White traces of salt are common during the warm days, but if you have these spots and the time spent in cold rooms it comes to excessive sweating.

Sweating under stress

Wet your hands and the area around the armpits when you have to present something or finish a tough job? It is possible to have a problem with excessive sweating caused by stress, and it can be recognized and the smell of sweat, which occurs in this type of sweating.

Palms and feet are always wet

If you are constantly falling things from hands because of wet hands and feet are wet constantly, regardless of temperature, seek help from a dermatologist. Consult a doctor if you notice that a lot of perspiration began to affect the quality of your life.

Solutions for excessive sweating

Try applying any deodorant at night before going to bed when the sweat glands are less active, so the ingredients can better absorb and give better results. After morning showers reinsert deodorant.

– Avoid activities in heat, especially between 11 and 16 pm, when the sun is strongest.

– Visit a dermatologist and in consultation choose therapy that will help leached less sweat.

– Dry the sweat using the latest technological advances. Dry a composition that reduces perspiration through the microwave for 80%.

Source: https://patient.info