The Japanese Morning Diet Will Cut 10 pounds of Body Fat before You Even Realize You Are On a Diet

How does it sound for you, losing 10 pounds in a weak without even noticing you are on a diet? The Japanese Morning Diet proves to does it efficiently.

It is a diet published from Japanese traditional nutritionist, Hitoshi Watanabe. He tried a ton of diets during his life. Finally, his wife Sumiko and he published this diet as a conclusion of the studies they did through the years.

Japanese Morning Diet Against Excessive Exercising

The main point of the diet is to cut weight without working out. The published himself was not a fan of working out. That is how he got inspired to make an effective diet for everyone who wants to lose fat without working out and starving.

Below is the full eating schedule of the Japanese Morning Diet


-15 oz. of Room Temperature Water

-1-2 Bananas

And… that’s it. Eat the same amount of food for lunch and dinner. Eat the type of food you regularly eat. You do not need some exception. However, you cannot eat anything else until lunch.

He named this method- The Morning Banana Diet. Thus, the people who hated gyms and sweat decided to try this diet out. The results were amazing.

How Many Bananas Should You Eat?

The best thing about this morning diet is that you don’t have to restrict yourself from eating as many bananas as you’d like. 1-2 bananas for breakfast are recommended for a common size human. If you feel that you need more bananas in the mornings, make a pause before

During the diet you should eat only raw bananas.

Try to skip eating between meals. If you have to, have some fruit.

Over eating

Japanese have a nutrition principle, which is very healthy, and well respected by nutrition experts. It is called 80/20. If you compare your hungry body with an empty glass, try to fill 80% of the glass and leave 20% empty. On a scale from 1-100, try to feed your hunger on a level of 80. You should never overeating. It is dangerous for your body, but also for developing psychological issues.