Married Or Single, You Have To Read This. It Will Leave You Shocked!!

The heartbreaking story of a couple getting divorced went viral recently and despite your relationship status, this is definitely worth the time to read.

This story just goes to show that you should treasure the time you have with others. Respect them, appreciate and love them while you still have the chance to do so.

A wife happened to be serving dinner one evening when her husband held her hand in the nicest way and told her that he has decided to get a divorce. She replied by asking what was the reason for his choice, but he could not muster a reply. He was actually involved with another female and he didn’t love his wife like he once did. The wife read and tossed the divorce agreement that he drew up, which stated that she would be getting 30% of their business, along with the car and the house.

To her, the thought of a divorce was nonsensical after spending ten years with him, but she agreed to the terms of the divorce. She didn’t want anything that her husband was offering, but she asked for a month’s notice prior to getting the divorce. She also asked that for that month, he pretended as if everything was fine because she didn’t want to stress her son who was doing exams. She also asked that her husband brings her to their room the same way he did on their wedding day. He husband agreed even though he thought it was a crazy idea.

As he carried her to the room on day one, their son was in good spirits walking behind them. While this was happening, she closed her eyes and asked her husband to keep quiet about the divorce. The following day she leaned on his chest and her husband noticed the signs of the toll the marriage took on her, including the gray hairs, wrinkles and realized that she wasn’t young anymore. The love they once had started to show again after a few days. The husband also finally understood what he did by asking her for a divorce when he realizing she had shed a lot of weight.

His thoughts about getting a divorce changed one day while he was bringing his wife to their room. He accepted the fact that they were still in love with each other, but they were sticking to the routine while ignoring the little things in their lives. He bought her a lovely bunch of flowers the following day with a card reading: “I will carry you every morning until death parts us.” He went upstairs to give her the flowers and found that his wife was dead. She was actually suffering from cancer, but he was so caught up with other things that he didn’t even notice.

She already knew she was dying, and she didn’t want her son to remember them as a troubled couple. She wanted her son to live with the thought that he was a great husband who truly loved his wife, hence the reason she asked for a notice before going through with the divorce. These are some of the little things that are pushed aside and overlooked when they are actually an important part of any relationship. So instead of focusing on the wealth, properties, and cars, you should treasure all your relationships and never forget the little you share. You may realize when it’s already too late.