NASA Confirms Traces of Alien DNA in Marijuana  

This news has the potential to amaze and change the world as we know it. But unfortunately for some, it has nothing to do with extraterrestrials messing around with cannabis.

It’s safe to say that you will be interested in a study that was done recently. It looks into sharing and clicking behaviors of social media users.

This is How The Case Appeared in the Social Media

From a general perspective, you may notice that many users of social media will like, give opinions and share posts without even reading them. One such instance that was highlighted took place in April of 2015 when media moguls NPR shared a link on their Facebook page that asked the question: “Why doesn’t America read anymore?” The funny part about all this is that there really wasn’t a link. They decided to wait and see if their followers would share their opinion without clicking the link. They did not wait in vain. Some of the results were quite laughable…..

A combined study into the behavior was conducted by a group of computer scientists from Columbia University and the French National Institute. They reviewed a data set comprising of approximately 3 million online news articles that were shared using the Twitter platform.

The results showed that up to 60% of the links shared were not clicked by followers, which indicates that most of social media is focused on sharing content instead of reading through it.

This raises the question of what are the reasons that will cause someone to share content with others. A study was conducted on this matter by The New York Times Customer Insight Group. The results indicated that less than half of the surveyed percentage said it was to educate their followers. Another 68% of the group said they do it as an act of self-definition.

As an online user, most of you might have realized that online media is just a place where content is liked and shared mostly because they speak on things you agree on. Less attention is placed on the information itself. This is why most of the things that you may like usually turn up first in your News Feeds.

If you look at most of the social media pages which people create today, the topics that are most controversial are the ones that remain at the top. And the comments are vague and sometimes unrelated to the topic. Just recently an article was done regarding monkeys entering the stone age Someone replied to the post stating that they have been doing for centuries even if it’s the first thing they saw.

In closing, if you are one of the few who managed to read through this article, we congratulate you and also apologize for the misleading subject header. However, you can share this with someone who doesn’t read it and enjoy a riveting conversation about aliens manipulating marijuana.