I Never Thought That This Common Drink Could Damage Thyroid Glands and Kidneys

It is one of those drinks that we considered as a healthy alternative but later experts found out it is a silent killer and cause for the thyroid glands damage.

Based on the numerous health issues related to the usage of cow milk, couple decades ago, people started consuming soy milk as healthier choice. Many nutritionists preached the usage of soy milk against cow milk, avoiding the fact that it is a pure damage for the thyroid glands.

Numerous medical studies have proved this point

The National Center of Biotechnology Information, gave the most horrifying fact. Their study shows that 99% of the soy been are affected with GMO. Based on this study we cannot belie that everything big corporation sell us as organic soy milk, actually is.

the most common health problems related with this product BESIDES Thyroid Glands DAMAGE

Endocrine Changes

One of the substances of the soy that causes alterations in the pancreas and the thyroids is the Genisteína. Many studies have shown that at a higher level of thyrotropin hormones, they are more likely to have hypothyroidism, diffuse goiter and subacute autoimmune thyroiditis.

Fertility Problems

One of the reasons men are not recommended to consume this milk is by phytoestrogens. These affect the endocrine system and tend to cause male infertility. As we know, no man wants to be incapacitated in this area. (link)

Kidney Problems

Soy has oxalates. It is a substance that gives hard time to our organism to process. In most of the cases is the body release through the urine tract unprocessed.

Immune System Disorders

Consuming this drink during pregnancy may be dangerous for the infants. It cause  autoimmune diseases in children.

Nervous system disorders

Hawaiian Epidemiology Center released a shocking study  after 3 decades of survey on american citizens. The study claims  the soy milk after year consumption, affect the nervous system and is responsible for  deficiency in motor skills.

Uterine Fibroids

The Enviromental Helth Perspective came up with a conclusion of study after couple years of survey. they prove that women who were fed soy milk were 25% more likely to have uterine fibroids at 35 years of age.