No Brain? No Problem. Baby Born Without A Brain Healed With Prayer

When Emmay was pregnant she thought it was going to be a normal pregnancy. She thought that her baby was going to be as healthy as her last. She did not expect her baby to suffer from any birth defects, but the baby did. The baby suffered from a condition in which he was born without a full brain. The baby was born with only just a brain stem. Emma said: ‘When Aaron was first born, I was told there was no way he could survive.

I was told he might live for three minutes, three hours or three days.
‘The doctors told me if it had been any of his other organs which had failed to grow, they would have been able to do something but they couldn’t grow him another brain.
‘But right from the very beginning, Aaron proved he is a real fighter. ‘And I was saying “mummy” to him recently and clapping my hands and he was giggling away.

‘He looked at me, and said “mummy”. I couldn’t believe it. I’d been told my son would only live for a few minutes, but now here he was saying ‘mummy’ which is something I never thought I would ever hear.’ Do you believe in miracles?