No Longer a Conspiracy Theory: Old Rich Folks Openly Buying Blood from Young

At one point in time, the idea of wealthy old people paying to get young blood in an attempt to live longer was just a far-gone theory.

Unfortunately, this has become a shocking reality in the United States and billionaires are lining up around the block to get their hands on the modern day “Fountain of Youth”.

Peter Theil who happens to be the co-founder of PayPal and advisor to Donald Trump, told a magazine that a study was done in which young mouse blood was injected into older mice and the results were phenomenal. He also went on to say that there are lots of things that we as humans have strangely managed to under-explore.

Those mice were just the beginning because the startup company Ambrosia, which is owned and operated by founder Jesse Karmazin has begun the practice on humans. The amount of wealthy people in line waiting to use this service is lengthy to say the least.

Ambrosia, which now has approximately 110 clients, buys its blood from banks for resale. Some of these clients include scientists such as Theil; but the transfusion is basically available to anyone over 35 with a heavy bank account.

Science and Nature Medicine recently published a study that pointed to the fact that transfusing the blood of a young mouse into the body of an older mouse is able to reduce the symptoms and effects of aging. This can be seen as a great medical discovery that could lead to many breakthroughs in terms of medicine development. Even with this in mind, reports have shed light on the idea that transfusion of this nature is dangerous.

Several claims were put to rest after an interview was conducted last year at Silicon Valley by journalist Jeff Bercovici. He spoke to many people in the area and he learned that this process of transfusion was known as Parabosis.

He also expressed a growing concern as it relates to the growing demand for young people’s blood on the black market. Even though it is quite acceptable for young adults to sell their blood to the wealthy, the original practice was derived from a dark secret society.

Even though this practice can be dated back to Medieval Times, Karmazin still clings to his belief that parabosis is able to reverse the aging process. Up to this point, there is still no hard evidence to justify Karmazin’s beliefs.

Based on studies carried out by Tony Wyss-Coray, another scientist who is based at the Stanford University, there are no facts to indicate the benefits of this process on humans.