One Month Before a Heart Attack, Your Body Will Alert You: Here Are the 6 Symptoms!

Heart attack. Something that we are very afraid of.

The heart attacks have become very common and in the last couple of years many people have faced with these issues. It is very unfortunate that the heart attacks are #1 reason for death in the world. Main reason when they happen is stressful lifestyle and unhealthy diet.

In order to protect yourself and your cardiovascular health you need to improve your lifestyle and follow a good diet with lower amount of stress. In addition, usually one month before the heart attack there are certain symptoms you can easily recognize:

  • Shortness of breath

The lungs need to get enough oxygen and when this is not the case your heart won’t get the necessary blood through it. So, if you notice breathing problems, don’t forget to speak with your physician.

  • Cold and flu symptoms

Cold and flu is something that many people experienced before having heart attack.

  • Chest pressure

This is one of the most famous symptoms. It is clear indicator that a heart attack can happen in the near future. You must consult with your physician if you experience this symptom.

  • Weakness

In case when the arteries get tight, the usual blood flow is prohibited. So, the muscles are not getting the enough blood and it can lead to heart attack. In case you feel constant fatigue and weakness, speak with your doctor.

  • Cold sweats and dizziness

There are situations when the brain functioning can be attacked. The poor circulation of the blood to the brain can cause real problems.

  • Drowsiness

In a case you have taken enough sleep and rest, but you still feel tired, and this feeling still goes on for days and days, there is possibility of blood flow loss to the heart.

The above mentioned symptoms are very common, so noticing and treating them can significantly lower the chances of having a heart attack.