These People Can Live Past A Hundred Years Without Getting Sick

There has always been stories and myths around people who manage to live past the average lifespan of a generation.

These stories can be dated back to the times of the Holy Grail. Over the years, more attention has been focused on these fables on the grounds that they could actually be applied to modern science. It’s no surprise that many people out there who have lived for several years, but the real surprise is that many of them have never gotten sick a day in their lives.

What’s The Secret to Long Life?

In order to answer the question to the best of my ability, I did my own research on many centenarians who chose to share their wisdom via the internet. Frankly speaking, the answers I received were contrasting in nature so I couldn’t draw a firm conclusion of what the secret really was. I continued my search and the more I found out, the deeper I went in confusion.

There was this one individual, an Italian by the name of Emma Morano who lived for 116 years explained that being single contributed to her long life. After getting divorced at 38. She decided to live the rest of her days as a single woman. She contracted anemia at one point and won the battle by consuming 2 raw eggs each day.

Another centenarian by the name of Susannah Mushatt Jones admitted that her secret to long life was eating bacon on a daily basis, while another said his secret was one donut per day. The so-called “secrets” were numerous and laughable in some instances. Still somewhat confused, I continued my search which led me to stumble on an article about a group of people living in the mountains of Pakistan called Hunzas.

The Hunzas caught my attention for many reasons including:

  • Rate of Literacy (Over 95% – Each Hunza at least has a diploma from high school)
  • Women in this group can have children at 65 years old
  • Hunzas can live up to 160 years
  • They work for most of their lives
  • They avoid processed foods
  • Four different races make up the Hunza group
  • They have two main divisions due to religious beliefs

After analyzing all the information I gathered, the following is my conclusion on how to stay healthy and live long:

  1. Keep yourself educated – Try to read as much as possible. A healthy mind is an important part of living a long and healthy life.


  1. Have healthy relationships – This speaks to building a green connection with yourself, being able to express your feelings and knowing what is right for you. It doesn’t mean you should be afraid of relationships, but you should detach yourself when they become unhealthy.


  1. Avoid stress – Take a step back and allow yourself to operate in an environment that is not rushed.


  1. Eat more natural organic foods – The Hunzas have no idea what cancer is because they eat what they grow and grow what they eat. This allows them to die happy knowing that they have been able to experience a lot. The next time you crave for junk food, keep that in mind.


  1. Remain physically active – We can all agree that being Physically Active on a regular basis is quite difficult but consistency is the key. Hunzas are in the field every day so exercise comes naturally for them.

As each day passes we get older and our health becomes more important. Taking steps like those mentioned above are just a few suggestions that may possibly add a few years to your life. On that note, I wish you all the best, and I hope you enjoy a long and healthy life.