This Powerful Plants Will Purify The Air In Your Home and Make You Wake Up Full of Energy

There is no healthier home than the one surrounded by all- natural green plants. We share with you a list of the top healthier plants to have it in your home, also considered as oxygen bombs.

We all know that the green plants and trees found in the nature produce the oxygen and we will not be able to function without them. Good news is that today, following numerous botanic and medical studies, we are sure what plants and herbs to include in our home surrendering. They are from all around the world and you can have it in your home today. Their leafs will re filter the air and clean it from dust, besides refreshing it with more oxygen.

Below is the list of the best oxygen bomb plant to include in your home:


It absorbs formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and other toxic substances in the home air. It is enough to include only one plant in the living room area.

Ficus Elastica

A great one for cleansing the air of formaldehyde as well. Still, this one comes with a warning. Keep it on a safe distance form kids and pets, as its leafs contain toxic substances.


A very effective one. It will start detoxing the air immediately, once you brought it in your home.  It will eliminate up to 60 percent of the toxins in the air.  The best thing about it is that it eliminates the feces particles from the air.

Spider plant

This is the plant that takes the minimum amount of lighting to make photosynthesis It absorbs toxins like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and styrene and gasoline. One plant will purify air in 2000 ft2 of space.

Snake plant

Don’t let the name fright you. This is the ultimate plant to keep in your bedroom. Great refresher of the air. Your new sleeping buddy will make you wake up fresher and energized.

Peace lilies

It can reduce the trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from the air. This is something that not many plant could do.

Conclusion: Go fill your home with plants, the greener the place is- the healthier the air is. in an average 2/3 bedroom home space ,  experts recommend you to have 10-15 plants.

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