How To Prevent and Relieve Hip and Back Pain With Sciatica Stretching

One of the most common issues nowadays is lower back pain. It can cause slight stiffness, soreness or it can even cause a painful sting or a shocking feeling.

It doesn’t matter if it is a minor discomfort or a serious problem like sciatica, increasing your flexibility and strength of the muscles which support the back is going to significantly improve your health. Stretching is one of the best ways to do this.

Stretching and Its Benefits

It aids back support in a number of ways. I’m sure that many of you have come close to pulling your back upon trying to lift a heavy object. If you want to prevent this from happening, you need to be sure that your back is strong enough to reach some positions and also get out of them.

Camel Pose

Targeted muscles: External Obliques and Rectus Abdominus

Put your hands behind you on your feet’s bottom while kneeling down and you need to push your hips up and forwards. Be careful not to put pressure on your lower back. The abdominal muscles are stretched and this increases the stability of the core and improves the posture. This is one of the best ways to prevent problems with the lower back.

Wide Forward Fold

Targeted muscles: Adductors

Sit on the floor and bend your knees while your spine is upright. Straighten your legs in a slow manner and round your back while reaching to your feet with both hands. In case you cannot reach the feet, lean forwards as much as you can. This is an excellent stretch for opening the hips, it increases mobility and prevents spraining or straining the back.

Frog Pose

Targeted Muscles: Adductors

Go on the ground with your knees and hands. Widen the knees in a slow manner till tension is felt in the groin area. Use your hips and push against the floor to open them even more.

Wide Side Lunge Pose

Targeted Muscles: Hamstrings and Adductors

Your feet need to be faced forward in a wide stance, and your legs need to be as straight as possible. Walk to your right foot using your hands and bend the right knee whilst rotating the left foot. The toes need to be pointing to the ceiling. The right foot needs to be straight on the ground. Apart from opening the hips and allowing more flexibility, this also stretches the area where the sciatic nerve passes through.

Butterfly Stretch

Targeted Muscles: Adductors

Position yourself on the floor, your feet’s soles should be touching and make sure that your back is straight. Next, use your hands to press down on your knees so as to induce the stretch.

Forearm Extensor Stretch

Targeted Muscles: Forearm Extensor

Your shoulders need to be rolled backwards and the chest needs to be sticking out. Outstretch your left hand and keep your fingers folded together, and the right hands need to be cupped over them. Next, in a slow manner, use your right hand to press the left hand toward the body. This is going to strengthen your grip, thus reducing the possibility of an injury in case of lifting heavy objects.