You Probably Didn’t Know This: You Should Never Eat Cucumbers and Tomatoes in the Same Salad!

Did you know that the combination of fast and slow digestion rate ingredients might cause problems?

What is the reason behind? This is a bad idea because the lighter ingredient will end up in the intestine since the first ingredient is completely digested. You must be aware that the whole process might result in fermentation of the food in your stomach and poison the whole body. The slow digestion and fermentation of starches and sugars will prevent your enjoyment in meals.

Please be also aware that the fermentation can also initiate gasses, swelling and huge pain in the stomach.

What you need to be aware of:

  • Most of us consume cucumbers and tomatoes together, but almost none of us are aware that these two never go together. You need to know that by consuming cucumbers and tomatoes together can cause digestive problems because of the acid released in the stomach.


  • Do you enjoy eating fruit after a meal? Me personally, I love eating one apple after my lunch! But did you know that the fruit requires a lot of time to be digested, especially after a meal. This will cause you digestive problems and can lead to acid reflux.


  • The famous Mac and Cheese. Favorite meal between many people and generations, especially in the USA. The sad part is that it should be avoided because of the starch in the macaroni, which makes them to have different digestion time compared to the protein. This difference can cause inevitable fermentation and again digestive problems.


  • What about meat and cheese? – The answer is NO again! Both meat and cheese are protein based ingredients, so you need to have only one type of protein per meal.


  • The so good orange juice should be never mixed with bread or noodles because the acid required to digest the juice can destroy the enzyme which is responsible for the digestion.


  • Try avoiding the combination of vegetables and cheese since will cause bloating.


  • You need to forget about mixing banana and milk which will slow down the digestion in your body


  • At the end, try not to add fruit to the bowl of yogurt, because this combo will slow down your digestion. Especially be careful when adding pineapple to your yogurt which might boost the ingredients that cause food poisoning.

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