Always Keep Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Home- Amazing 10 Benefits if You Do

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the common features you can find in any home today. Given that it is made from oxygen and water, it can serve as an effective oxidizing agent or disinfectant.

However, it has several other uses and we’ll be looking at a few of them in this article. You should also bear in mind that hydrogen is likely to explode if it reaches its boiling point.  With the introduction and warnings out of the way, let us look at some of its other uses.


  1. Ear wax removal – Carefully add 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide to each ear followed by 2 drops of olive oil to get rid of the excess
  2. Ear infection relief – Ear infections can be annoying and painful at times to say the least. By adding 8 drops of hydrogen peroxide to the infected ear, you will be able to reduce the symptoms and get rid of the infection.
  3. Disinfecting your toothbrush – Even though we don’t always see them, germs are everywhere. Seeing that your toothbrush is used to clean an important part of your body, soaking it in hydrogen peroxide is a good way to get rid of any germs attached to it.
  4. Unclog a stuffy nose – All of us probably know of the trouble that comes with a stuffy By mixing a cup of hydrogen peroxide with a cup of water, you can create your own nasal solution.
  5. Cleaning small wounds – This mixture is potent and safe enough to kill germs associated with minor wounds. Get a piece of cotton or a clean cloth, dip in hydrogen peroxide and wipe the area thoroughly.
  6. Handy laxative for pets – Hydrogen peroxide is known to induce vomiting. With this in mind, if you have a pet that may have swallowed something they weren’t supposed to, it can be used to help them regurgitate whatever it was that they swallowed.
the list goes on…
  1. Eradicating mold – According to several health gurus, hydrogen peroxide is great for getting rid of mold. Spray the solution on the affected area, allow it to soak for a couple minutes then scrub with a spong
  2. Removing armpit sweat stains – These kinds of stains can make your best clothes look awful. Prior to washing, soak your clothes in water, dish detergent and a bit of hydrogen peroxide to get rid of those stains.
  3. Disinfecting your child’s toys – Children, especially the younger ones, have a tendency to put toys in their mouths. You can keep these toys clean by soaking them in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Ensure that you dry them with a towel after soaking.
  4. Cleaning ceramic surfaces – When dirt piles up on these kinds of surfaces it can be quite difficult to remove. Luckily, you can put a stop to this by spraying hydrogen peroxide on the surface a few minutes prior to cleaning it.